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If You're an #Orchestrator



An #Orchestrator:

1.    Focuses on the mission and goals

2.    Prioritizes the right goals at the right moment

3.    Guides the narrative by confronting reality


4.    Drives results by design, not effort 


5.    Unlocks energy and creates momentum 

6.    Catalyzes change through collaboration 

Scott Santucci & Brian Lambert leverage their experiences as analysts, practitioners, and consultants to share the strategies, practices, and habits of leading sales enablement departments.

Collectively the guys have worked on over 100 different sales enablement initiatives across different industries and different size organizations.

In this show, they highlight hidden pitfalls along their journeys that only pioneers have experienced, so you can learn from their successes and failures.  They've learned the hard way that how you approach these problems is a lot more important than what you do.

Given that, the guys have conversations about real-life scenarios and bring to life the situations they've encountered in order to provide you the insights gained by those who have actually done the job.

Listen now to the only source of information dedicated to helping sales enablement practitioners anticipate and navigate obstacles to their success.

Helping You Be:

H - Holistic.   Seeing the whole picture outside your own domain

E - Engineered.  Thoughtful with metrics and measures


R - Reality.  Understanding the impact of human behavior on results


O - Ongoing.  Focused on continuous improvement  


 I - Impactive. Delivering the right messages to the right group


C - Collaborative.  Working together to create

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